How secure is my smart phone while using Smart Catch?
While no protective case or securing device is 100% effective, Smart Catch does significantly increase your chances of keeping your device attached to you or your gear.  Please use common sense when using your Smart Catch and use as recommended.  Always ensure that all four corners of the Smart Catch web are secure and snug around the four corners of your device.

Can I use Smart Catch on any smart phone?
Almost! Smart Catch was designed with the iPhone (6, 6+, 5 and 4) in mind, but will also fit many of the most popular, similarly sized phones on the market.  (No, it won't work on a flip phone...or on the largest Samsungs.)  And please note, some occlusion of ports or cameras may occur depending on your device.

In what colors is Smart Catch available?
Smart Catch is available in a variety of colors. We can also match any color…so if there is a color you would like to see, please let us know.

Does Smart Catch fit over my protective case?
Yes!  Smart Catch can fit over most standard protective phone cases. In fact, we recommend using Smart Catch over your case for extra protection.

Does Smart Catch affect my device or ports?
No!  Smart Catch fits AROUND your device and does not compromise any ports or connections. Some ports, cameras or buttons might be occluded, but this can usually be remedied by shifting the unit or straps.

Where is Smart Catch manufactured?
We are proud that Smart Catch is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Can I custom print logos on Smart Catch?
Yes! Smart Catch can be manufactured in a custom color and printed with a custom logo, line art or words.